Why Ordering Flowers at Our Online Store is Safe, Convenient and always a good Idea.

Why Ordering Flowers at Our Online Store is Safe, Convenient and always a good Idea.

In this article we will try to describe most of our Advantageous and offcourse, will not forget a grey side of Online shopping.


There are hundreds of different worldwide flower delivery services around the web, which are providing clear, fast and safe way to deliver blooms to your friends, family or important person abroad. If you have been using those services at least once, you could notice, that all flower bouquets or arrangements are pretty much the same everywhere. Red roses, sunflowers, lilies, some greens etc.. The difference is mostly how the store designed, how fast it is bringing us trough purchase process, less stress better is. But how about flowers? Actually, the main reason why we are here. The answer is very simple: big flower delivery platforms are choosing the most easiest combinations of blooms which are available all year around. After that your order will be forward to the local shop and delivered to the customer. There is nothing wrong with it, the service works great.


The main idea of our store was to create a different approach for the local flower shopping been thousands miles away from Italy. The seasonal flowers sometimes presents on market very short period of time, so owners of online stores are not even bothering of listing them. It might be long and difficult process to dig in to the structure of the web page to add or change something, most of the times with the help of professionals of the programming field, called developers. Luckily we are living in the new age of modern IT technologies that making our life easier and faster. We choose Shopify platform for our store building and managing process. I am not going to go deep in to the process, but those guys are giving exactly what dynamic flower shop needs.


Security of our customers is a crucial aspect. And here we are talking about personal information within payment methods. When you are shopping at amazon or eBay, you know that it is safe, even without going through legal aspects, just because you know that those big companies are taking care of their reputation and have big team working at cyber security. With Shopify it works pretty much the same. Small floral shop as ours is landing this services from big company, which works day and night to protect their customers. And here starts the magic.


It is always scary to float around the web without someone who can give you an advice or support when needed. Especially if you don’t have any IT background. And here comes our second life ring called GenovaWebArt. Those guys are team of developers and designers which works exclusively with Shopify platform. It is something similar as you hire an instructor for driving the car. They teach you how to do it in a right way and stepping away. But you can always call your driving school to ask for advice.


Lets come back to our Flower Store….. The idea of this article is to show to our customers, that we are like a real Partners In Crime, always choosing the best for them: Flowers, Services, Security, Fast and Safe delivery methods. There is no ratings in Flower industry like Michelin yet, but https://www.flowerdelivery-reviews.com/ added our store in rating «The best 16 Options for Flower Delivery in Italy ».



We will continue to do our best for delivering Flowers service in Genoa and all around Ligurian Coast.


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