FLOWERS are always about emotions

FLOWERS are always about emotions

Flowers are emotions

We agree with you and share your disappointment, because just yesterday flowers pleased the eye and warmed the soul, and now it’s time to bid them farewell. Let's muster our resolve, get rid of the much-loved bouquet and learn an interesting theory. The purpose of flowers isn’t to perpetually delight you, although by following the tips from our store  you can enjoy them as long as possible. Their purpose is - to give you initial joyful emotions.

Flowers are a way of expressing emotions. Through them, we give gratitude, sympathy, respect, love, hope or anticipation. We receive warmth, recognition, care or admiration.

The intention of presenting a bouquet can contain an emotional cocktail of very different colors. It’s more than just a gift for a special occasion or an accessory for a date; it's a powerful source of energy.

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Scientists have tried to find out how flowers affect feelings of life satisfaction. Over the course of a year, an experiment was conducted to study the emotional state of individuals who received flowers. As a result, scientists concluded that flowers have a positive effect on human emotions. Contemplation of flowers affects a person's feeling of happiness. All participants of the experiment sincerely smiled at the flowers given to them and expressed their admiration. This reaction was consistent across all age groups involved. Flowers have a positive effect on a person's mood for quite a long time. All the people who took part in the experiment noticed the emergence of a joyful and optimism when presented with flowers.

The moment you receive a bouquet specially collected for you, you're receiving a bouquet of bright feelings for you. The culmination of the entire process, from the giver's choice to bring you joy to the creation of a personalized bouquet by florists, is your genuine smile when you first lay eyes on the flowers.

Unsurprisingly, this causes improved mood, happiness and life satisfaction. Not only because the beauty of the flowers adorns your home – though that Flower Jam certainly focus on creating such bouquets – but also because it's an act of self-care. It's essential to learn how to appreciate and love ourselves and be open to receiving such gestures from others!

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It turns out that flowers have a positive effect not only on the atmosphere in your home or at your event but also on your mental health. We agree with this. By giving and receiving emotions, we enrich our lives and find happiness. Bouquets of flowers from our store are a great way to do this!

Our advice: don't wait for someone else to give you flowers, make it a habit to give them to yourself. This way, you can not only adorn your surroundings and derive aesthetic pleasure but also practice self-care in the process.

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